RoboCore Experience 2024

10 Jul 2024 10.00am -03 – 13 Jul 2024 8.00pm -03

Expo Center Norte

Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333

São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Find Raspberry Pi at RoboCore Experience 2024! This amazing event brings together robotics enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate innovation, creativity, and learning. Join us to explore the latest technologies in robotics, participate in thrilling workshops, and connect with a passionate technology community.

For robotics fans, we will have several types of robot competitions. Come cheer at a robot hockey match, see who’s the fastest in line following, who’s the smartest in trekking, who’s the strongest in robot sumo, and who’s the most powerful in robot combat, with robots weighing up to 27kg!

The event also features an experimentation area where you can get in touch with various technologies such as Raspberry Pi products, 3D printers, the latest RoboCore kits and boards, and, of course, robots! Come pilot a real robot through an obstacle course and join in an exciting game of robot hockey. Fun is guaranteed for the whole family.

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