Raspberry Pi: past, present and future

28 Mar 2023

6.00pm – 7.00pm BST

Lecture Theatre A

University of Cambridge Admissions Office, New Museums site, Bene't Street

Cambridge, United Kingdom


We launched Raspberry Pi in 2012, with the goal of boosting young people’s engagement with Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. In the decade-and-a-bit since, we’ve seen an explosion of interest, in education, in the hobbyist space, and latterly in industrial and commercial applications. We’ve shipped over fifty million Raspberry Pi computers, designed in Cambridge and manufactured in South Wales, and recently launched our first silicon chips.

In this Cambridge Festival talk, Eben Upton shares some of the highlights from our first eleven years; discusses the current state of the Raspberry Pi project, including our ongoing recovery from the global semiconductor crisis; and speculates on what may be in store for us, and for the broader computing space, as our second decade unfolds.

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