The Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi Pico workshop

15 May 2023 10.00am EAT – 19 May 2023 5.00pm EAT

Gearbox and Safaricom

Nairobi, Kenya


The Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi Pico is a free two-day workshop taking place in Nairobi, Kenya. Over the course of two days, participants will learn how to use a Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller to solve real-world challenges using sensors, networking, and cloud technology. This workshop is intended for enthusiasts and university students in the Nairobi hardware community and it’s hosted in partnership with Gearbox and Safaricom.

Please apply for this free workshop using the link below by 23 April. We are running the workshop twice in the same week, to give more people the opportunity to join. A limited number of people will be selected to participate.

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