Lancashire Day technoJAM

Community event hosted by Quantum Technology Club

25 Nov 2023

10.00am – 3.00pm GMT

Ormskirk Library

Burscough Street

Ormskirk, United Kingdom

Experience Raspberry Pi 5

This is a special event featuring the new Raspberry Pi 5.

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At our Lancashire Day technoJAM you can come and see, and ‘play’, with the very latest Raspberry Pi 5 and Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm, our 8-foot-cubed 3D light dome, 7-foot tall ‘blox’ game, and desktop electronic 4-in-a-row, plus you can have a go at using Morse Code.

You can also see Raspberry Pi 5 ‘doing a science’ as well as sending and receiving messages to and from people around the world without using the Internet.

For the science, we will be showing how the sun affects the ionosphere, many miles above us, and its knock-on effects on worldwide communication — all in real time.

If you’re interested in technology and/or amateur radio and want to learn more, experiment, share, or just have fun with it, come along and meet the members of the Quantum Technology Club.

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