Cambridge Raspberry Jam (CamJam)

Community event hosted by The Cambridge Raspberry Jam Team

25 Nov 2023

10.30am – 3.00pm EST

Roger Needham Building

7 JJ Thomson Avenue

Cambridge CB3 0RB, United Kingdom

Experience Raspberry Pi 5

This is a special event featuring the new Raspberry Pi 5.

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Come and see the new Raspberry Pi 5, watch a robotic race, see cool show-and-tell projects, take part in workshops, or listen to the talks!


  • 11:00 Spencer Organ: Raspberry Pi in Education
  • 13:30 Eben Upton: Raspberry Pi
  • 15:00 Derek Woodroffe: Pico Cray - distributed computing with Raspberry Pi Picos


  • Workshop 1 - CamJam EduKit 1: First steps with physical computing: learn how to flash a LED, use buttons, or program a simple game or traffic lights.
  • Workshop 2 - Project clinic: Bring along a project you are stuck on and let the group mind help you get back on to the right path.
  • Workshop 3 - Raspberry Pi 101: Just got a Raspberry Pi, and not sure what to do with it? We are here to help you get started!
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