Experience Raspberry Pi in 237

Community event hosted by Robotsave Education and Hardware Innovation Valley Community

This event is organised by and for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

24 Feb 2024

9.00am – 6.24pm CET

American Corner University of Buea

University of Buea Library

Buea, Cameroon


The Raspberry Pi Day event aims to empower participants with practical knowledge and skills in programming isolated sensor nodes and integrating them into a central system using Raspberry Pi. This event is a continuation of the introductory event on Raspberry Pi 5.

By providing hands-on experience and fostering collaboration, the event seeks to inspire participants to explore innovative applications and projects utilizing Raspberry Pi. More broadly, the event aims at promoting collective thinking, teamwork and group development.

In a nutshell, this event will contribute to the growing community of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and promote the adoption of this versatile technology in various fields.

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