Amateur Radio on Raspberry Pi @ Norbreck Amateur Radio Exhibition

Community event hosted by Quantum Technology Club

This event is organised by and for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

21 Apr 2024

10.30am – 3.30pm BST

Norbreck Castle Hotel

Queen's Promenade

Blackpool, United Kingdom


The Quantum Technology Club will be exhibiting at the Norbreck Amateur Radio Exhibition. The event takes place at the Norbreck Castle Hotel, 21 April, 10:30am until 3:30pm.

You will be able to see Raspberry Pi 5 in action using data modes such as FT8 that enable you to communicate around the world, without using the Internet.

Of special interest will be the remote control facility that Raspberry Pi 5 provides, enabling you to operate your radio from anywhere on your premises. In addition, the remote control ability makes this an ideal field station setup as you can use a simple tablet to perform all the functions of a computer screen, keyboard and mouse — the ultimate portable amateur radio station.

Please note the the Quantum Technology Club is not the organiser of the exhibition, but an exhibitor.

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