Seeed Product Launch 2023: Make Sense From THE TRUE WILD

Community event hosted by Seeed Studio

This event is organised by and for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

14 Mar 2023

4.00pm – 5.00pm UTC



Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner and Reseller Seeed Studio’s Product Launch 2023: Make Sense From THE TRUE WILD showcases the latest in advanced perception systems from Seeed. This year’s event will explore the theme of applying of these systems in the wild to create innovative and sustainable solutions.

Be among the first to discover Seeed Studio’s new Raspberry Pi applications at this year’s event. They have been rethinking the center of distributed digital systems to reduce the gap between legacy devices and modern IT infrastructures. The Raspberry Pi-based devices they will show at the product launch perfectly convey this concept and persistence. They will also unveil their line-ups of new cutting-edge sensing, networking, and edge computing devices that are designed to make it easier than ever to create IoT applications in industrial settings. There will also be a focus on software tools and full-stack solutions that help developers and system integrators streamline their deployment processes.

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