Get started with the Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)

Community event hosted by DigiKey

This event is organised by and for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

4 Oct 2023

10.00am – 11.00am CDT



This session will introduce the XRP — a comprehensive, open source platform powered by Raspberry Pi Pico. Developed in partnership with the FIRST Robotics community, the XRP is designed for hobbyists, students, and anyone wanting to learn robotics. Whether you are interested in exploring automation projects or bringing a STEM program into the classroom, the XRP provides a lot of capability in a very accessible package. The session will culminate in a reveal from DEKA, SparkFun, and DigiKey engineers who will share how they modified their XRP robot to do what they wanted it to do!

Attendees will learn:

  • Why XRP was developed, how it is manufactured, and its foundational capabilities
  • What electronics are in the kit — from sensors to the latest tech from Raspberry Pi and ST Microelectronics
  • The software that runs XRP — includes online modules and a coding environment that moves from Blockly tools to MicroPython
  • The extensibility of XRP — both mechanically and electronically
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