Implementing IoT remote device control on Raspberry Pi's RP2040 + W5500

Community event hosted by Cesanta - Mongoose Library

This event is organised by and for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

22 Nov 2023

5.00pm – 6.00pm GMT



In this hands-on webinar, we will be creating an IoT device firmware from the ground up using the Raspberry Pi Pico development board along with the W5500 Ethernet module. Initially, we will set up LED on/off control through the serial interface, and subsequently, we will expand this functionality to incorporate MQTT.

Webinar agenda:

  • Hardware overview
  • LED on/off control via Serial
  • Integration of the Mongoose Library
  • Configuration of Mongoose Library to utilize W5500
  • Implementation of MQTT reconnection logic
  • Device control using MQTT
  • Questions & answers session
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