Experience Raspberry Pi 5

With 2–3× the speed of the previous generation, Raspberry Pi 5 is your computer for everything. For a limited time, you can test‑drive this powerful new product at official and community-run events all over the world.

Come and see Raspberry Pi

Connect with Raspberry Pi at industry trade shows or hobbyist festivals all over the world. Learn about our products and how they can transform your business and elevate your home projects. And who knows — there might even be some freebies up for grabs.

Upcoming community events

Independently run events for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts take place in libraries, cafés, makerspaces, and community centres all over the world. Often called Raspberry Jams, they are an important part of the Raspberry Pi community, and they support young people and adults alike to get started with Raspberry Pi. More experienced users can share their knowledge and learn new skills. If you would like to host your own event, tell us all about it.